Acces Scan Respiratory System

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教育 医疗
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In this study we will have a scan: Respiratory System with this new and innovative application will scroll each sectioned part of the Respiratory System, its interior and exterior view information of each part, function and diseases, when touch a push pin.

Now, you can make a simple scan and focus specifically on a part of Respiratory System you want to study and this information is accompanied by illustrations, graphics, photos and detailed information about this area of study.

Just select a button on the left using the small graphic to be placed in the section you want to study and will automatically appear with their respective pins with information, diseases and function from that part specifically.

You can also rotate the 3D object, in all directions sliding a finger on the screen.
Also zoom in and out to get a better view and location.

This medical application, focus on areas of study, education and medicine in general, for students , doctors and family to learn.

Made for all levels of study in schools or universities in general.

And, with an interactive way, you will study and learn the parts of the body and the human anatomy. With a wealth of information, graphics, and certainly the support objects with 3D views.

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